Keep track of your Business Growth with Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking 101

Sean Ellis, founder and CEO of GrowthHackers, introduced this term in 2010. Growth Hacking is a general term that comprises all advertising and marketing strategies used to promote growth in a very short period of time and limited cashflow business structures.

The goal is with this implementation is to boost customer acquisition while limiting resources to a minimum. 

What is the perfect definition of Growth Hacker? 

Growth Hacker is an individual that manage to gather limited funding strategies to accelerate customer acquisition and increase customer retention levels, this term covers people like business owners, entrepreneurs, product managers and others. 

Growth hackers are very focus and data analysis oriented:

  • Growth hackers are only interested in initiatives towards business growth.
  • They innovate and implement new ways to achieve growth. 
  • They are always testing new strategies for higher conversions.

PROCUS Growth Hacking 

Our Growth Hacking strategies are carefully analyzed and tested by Our team of experts covering every aspect of your market. We identify your main competitors and develop differentiation strategies that will add value to your potential and existing customers to achieve consistent and continuous growth. 

Some of Our Main Strategies include:

  • High Quality and targeted Content Management 
  • Customer referral initiatives (Base on type of business) 
  • Industry Relevant Backlink Building

Growth Hacking had been used by companies like, UBER, Airbnb, Dropbox and other well known companies.

Growth Hacking

Implement customer acquisition strategies that will drive more traffic to your web and conversion rates.

SEO Arquitecture

SEO Arquitecture has become the foundation of a healthy and consistent growth in google rankings.

Content Management

Producing valuable content for your targeted keywords is crucial to achieve success in SEO. Consult with one of Our content writing specialists and get a free consultation.

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