Keyword Analisys

Targeting the right keywords brings valuable traffic

Our experts will identify the most relevant keywords for your business and will design your site around those keywords. 

This is extremely important for your success as an online store or online service provider. When you opt for one of Our ecommerce packages, you will get a full market research based on keywords. 

You will also get a full report on how they show in google results, including search volume and online competitors and most importantly alternative keywords which you can choose to develop and be the influencer on the keywords that you adopt at an early stage. 

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Keyword Analysis

Keyword Universe

Our SEO experts identify all the keywords relevant to your business and competitors and categorize them in 3 types.

Competitor Analysis

We will evaluate what your succesful competitors are doing online to achieve those results in order to improve them.


We will generate a full comprehensive market research in the form of report in order to design the best SEO strategy

SEO: Key for Success

SEO had become the most important aspect of any business, companies are starting to realize the importance of have a good online presence on the internet. The 3 most important aspects for any ecommerce success are the following:

Google Rankings
User Experience