RMA Process Automation

RMA Automation

Take off your shoulder the traumatic process of reverse logistics, RMA process has always been a challenge for all emerging companies and specially if the managed volume is high and growing.

Our RMA Automation process simplifies the return process by integrating a return portal where customers can easily process their return without having to rely on phone calls or other ineffective communication channels. 

This portal is capable of generating a confirmation RMA number and all way through the refund transaction. 

This feature takes care of one of the most counterproductive processes that companies have to deal with. 

RMA Automation Main Features

Fully Automated Return Labels

Our System generates a label as soon as return is approved by the system.

Intuitive and User Friendly

Intuitive and user friendly interface improves overall customer experience.

Automated Refund Processing

Refund will be processed automatically once return label status changes to delivered.